The Bcon planning team has arranged a few additional tours and bouchercon you might be interested in adding to your itinerary. Here’s another list of twenty-five great things to tail while in Dallas. Creating and hosting an event like Maybe, especially for a 50th anniversary celebration, requires support and volunteers from all facets of bouchercon literary community. We are so fortunate author Dallas mystery lovers have joined together to make this happen! One of our local sponsors for is Half Price Books. This local and growing institution supports readers, writers, literacy, maybe education in so many creative and practical ways.

Bouchercon author speed dating zone

The 45th annual Bouchercon in Long Beach will be November Long Beach October 29, It takes place Nov. The convention is named after Anthony Boucher, a writer and critic of mystery and science fiction. He also helped found the Mystery Writers of America in

One of the most fun—and most beneficial—things I got to do was something called “author speed dating.” It’s where two authors get two.

Bouchercon was so inspiring! Writing is hard, but attending events like this reminds me why it’s so rewarding. Big thanks to the volunteer co-chairs that made this year in St. Here are a few highlights:. So fun to nerd out with my fellow writers who have been inspired by the same books. Crime Writers of Color breakfast with old friends and new.

I Was a Bouchercon Newbie

Click on the conference’s logo to go to its website. And it looks like there’s another great mystery day being offered. Let’s help make them successful — and have fun too! This event is perfect for crime readers and librarians hoping to find new books to read and aspiring crime writers hoping to learn about the mystery community and writing and publishing careers.

One of the main organizers is our friend Lori Rader-Day.

At the “Author Speed Dating” breakfast event on the first day, writers table-​hopped to tell readers about their books. I handed out goodies from a magician’s hat.

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Bouchercon, like many conferences that bring together creators and fans, has panel discussions, signings and an awards dinner. But the year-old crime fiction convention also offers activities unlikely to be found elsewhere, such as cadaver dog demonstrations and a walk-through crime scene constructed by FBI agents. The massive conference in Long Beach has about panels and events planned. Bouchercon attracts the bestselling authors in the genre, including J.

The conference has good feeling in its bones.

“Speed Dating” came to Bouchercon on Thursday. It has been described as a “​frenzied event” in which authors circulate to tables of fans and are given two and​.

Have fun! I’ve done the author speed dating at both Malice and Left Coast Crime. Really made a difference. Interesting that there are two sets of authors. I haven’t heard of that before. Here’s hoping you get many people interested in your books! Sybil, I think we’re teamed with someone because there are so many authors attending this year.

They like to work in as many as possible. I cant decide if I’d like to do it or not. Good luck!!! Hi Charlotte. I wasn’t talking about the teaming up, which is done at Malice and LCC also. I was talking about how they have two separate sessions running at the same time. Malice and LCC only has one so every author visits every table in the ballroom.


Bouchercon is taking place in Long Beach, California, and is aptly being called Murder at the Beach. Look for me in Room Harbor C at a. Kings River Life, a California e-magazine with great mystery content, currently has a contest to win a free print copy of my third novel, Sea to Sky, featured as a Bouchercon coming attraction on KRL. It features Elspeth Watson, one of the main characters from the Highway Mysteries series, and is a good introduction to her rather unique personality.

Check out Joggers on KRL. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Bouchercon is a killer convention for crime fiction fans, authors

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My Bouchercon 2015 Schedule

Share this:. Read Them Here! Michael is a tremendously prolific and talented short story writer, and his output is matched by his extraordinary enthusiasm. When he came back to the table and I asked about the toy collection, he showed those same qualities again, talking about Hot Wheels cars and Matchbox cars and squishy toys and….

I’ll be joining hundreds of authors, readers, and fans at this 50th annual Bouchercon, the world’s premiere mystery/crime fiction event for four days of panels.

The whirlwind that is Bouchercon is over. I have mixed feelings about it this year because the first half I spent sick from food poisoning in my hotel room and the second half I felt like I needed to catch up to where everyone else was. Then I went home early to be with my dog. So was it worthwhile? I met people I only knew online. I talked to a woman who said she was a big fan of my work. That alone was awesome. I never get tired of hearing that not that I hear it that often. I sold some books and I signed books.

That I will never get tired of either. And of course, I came home with some new books to read.

Mulholland Books at Bouchercon 2017

The alarm woke me at 6 this morning, giving me time to get civilized before I made the short walk to the convention hotel. Each author gets a chance to pitch their book s to 20 tables of up to 8 readers to a table. Authors are put in groups of 2 and move from table to table every 4 minutes — so if you and I were paired I would talk for 2 minutes and then you would talk for 2 minutes. I noticed a lot of folks taking notes as we talked — I told them they were considerably more awake than my usual 8 a.

After that, I spread my remaining flyers around, leaving some at the door of the book room and others at a table with lots of other promo material. From there I made my way to a panel on golden age crime writers.

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Saturday, October 17, Some thoughts on swag. I attended Bouchercon ‘s Author Speed Dating last week. I’d never been to something like this before and it turned out to be a LOT of fun. Up to six Readers chose a table then two authors had three minutes each to tell us about their books. At the end of six minutes a bell rang, and the authors moved to the next table. Each author brought give-aways. We saw 30 authors in two hours so that was a LOT of swag.


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Bouchercon: Where Hard-Boiled, Noir and Cupcakes Converge in Crime. Posted on John and I gave our two-minute Author Speed Dating.

Saturday at Bouchercon began with the New Author Breakfast. Anyone could attend, but each table ideally held one or two debut authors with a centerpiece of books. The authors were introduced one at a time, and each had a few minutes to tell us about his book. I checked off the ones which interested me, and I hope to add those titles to my TBR list. That afternoon, I attended a panel on Danger and Death in Suburbia.

These stories involve a dichotomy, with beautiful settings where nothing bad should happen but crimes do occur there. We have expectations of people who live in suburbia. Suburbs are not as peaceful as they appear. People believe marriage is forever.

Bouchercon 2013 Video interview: Cozy vs. Noir