With its holdings of nearly , printed volumes, the Museo Galileo Library offers a rich collection of texts and scholarly monographs in the field of history of science. The antique book collection, consisting of nearly 5, works, is supplemented by several 19thth century collections as well as a contemporary collection which has an annual growth of about 1, new acquisitions. The library is also home to several 18th to 20th century archival collections, an interesting historical photo archive and a notable collection of modern photographs. Among the ancient and rare books, particularly important is the Medicean-Lorraine collection which includes those scientific texts collected over the course of the centuries by the two Tuscan dynasties: under Cosimo I and his successors, the Medici assembled a large library of scientific texts. During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries the Grand Dukes of Lorraine widely increased the collection with texts on physics, mathematics, chemistry, and astronomy. Recent studies provide evidence that our copy was sent by Pisani to Galileo, asking him to present it to the Medici court in order to obtain some financial support for his author.


Course in Tourism – Short Programme in Ticket Reservations and Booking Galileo Certification Upon successful completion of the programme, the learner will receive a Galileo Certificate from the external provider. Entry Requirements. Course Duration The programme duration is 80 hours and tuition is face-to-face. Each Damelin campus has a different tuition schedule. Programmes are offered during the week, in the evenings, or on Saturdays.

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Back to the top of the Products page. Back to the top of the Corporate page. The TV program Galileo X will be broadcast on Sunday, June 28, on the following broadcasters: In this program, we will introduce the synergy of the business integration between Minebea and Mitsumi based on the subject of magnetic force. Please take a look at them.

At present, research and development of magnetic force utilization are advancing further, and epoch-making technology capable of ultra-precise control is being produced. This program reviews the history of the utilization of mankind’s magnetic force starting with the magnetic force, and searches for the latest research on the magnetic force which is now advanced. Please check the program website. This site uses cookies to improve your online experience. By continuing to use this site, we will assume that you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

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Hertz provides rates, rules, and availability at the moment of your request! Direct Sell and Response:. The rule information will provide the base rate, the approximate total and a breakdown of taxes and mandatory charges enabling you to quote rates accurately and with confidence. Display Hertz Car Availability and Rates.

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Thank you for visiting nature. You are using a browser version with limited support for CSS. To obtain the best experience, we recommend you use a more up to date browser or turn off compatibility mode in Internet Explorer. In the meantime, to ensure continued support, we are displaying the site without styles and JavaScript. This week, a new way to study elusive subatomic particles called pions, and the relevance of Galileo in a time of modern science denialism.

Download MP3 See transcript. Pions are incredibly unstable and difficult-to-study subatomic particles. Now researchers have come up with a clever way to examine them – by sticking them into helium atoms. Research Article: Hori et al. A colourful way to cool buildings, and the rapid expansion of cities. Research Highlight: A rainbow of layered paints could help buildings to keep their cool ; Research Highlight: Urban sprawl overspreads Earth at an unprecedented speed.

A new biography of Galileo Galilei examines some of the myths about his life and draws parallels with problems facing scientists today. We pick our highlights from the Nature Briefing , including botanical graffiti, and rock-eating bacteria.

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Includes access to all the Galileo Core and Professional modules, plus fares and ticketing. Add to your Core and Professional knowledge by learning advanced fares techniques and how to ticket a Booking File. Subjects covered: CORE Modules: Module 1: Get Started with Galileo How to navigate in Focalpoint; using help and General Information systems; encode and decode cities, countries and airlines; Module 2: Check Availability and Sell Flights Look at airline timetables; access airline flight availability screens; sell flights in all classes and cabins.

Module 5: Work with Itineraries Change and cancel flight details in a Booking File itinerary; insert non-air segments. Module 6: Retrieve and Change a Booking File Retrieve previously created Booking Files and add information or make changes to passenger details. Module 7: Price an Itinerary Basic pricing procedures for single and multiple passenger B.

Although at various times after the return to his native state he devoted considerable thought to the work which, even at that date, he had in mind as is shown by.

Other types of Fare which may be displayed as well as public fares 5. Fare line number 6. Fare shown in currency of boardpoint or NUCs 9. Fare Basis Additional time limit exists between reservation date and ticketing date. See fare note.

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Travelport Smartpoint is a travel management solution that simplifies the process of aggregating, comparing, booking, and fulfilling travel content for sellers who need to cost effectively manage the needs of travelers. You can simply toggle between the views, even within a workflow. Flex windows combine with dual interfaces and multiple personalization options to enable agents to set Smartpoint up just the way they like it.

With Travelport Trip Quote and Travelport ViewTrip, emailing quotes and itineraries directly from your work space has never been easier. By simplifying the ticketing process and speeding up the time it takes to complete these tasks, agencies can expect to see increased efficiency, reduced service costs and improved traveler experience.

Galileo, the EU’s satellite navigation system, is currently affected by a Users will be informed regularly, including on the service recovery date.

The RILM database contains more than , citations to music literature. An international bibliography of scholarly writings on music and related disciplines in languages, RILM Abstracts includes original-language titles, title translations in English, full bibliographic information, abstracts in English, and author, title, journal, and subject indexes.

Music Periodicals Database Index to articles on all aspects of music. International Index to Music Periodicals covers nearly all aspects of music from the most scholarly studies to the latest crazes. It provides bibliographic citations from nearly journals published in 20 countries. Ensure all browsers are set to enable cookies. Limited to 8 concurrent users. Please log out of Oxford Music Online when finished.

Oxford Music Online, 2nd edition, formerly Grove Music Online is a scholarly encyclopedia of music including biographies of composers, performers and writers on music, as well as articles on styles, terms, genre, concepts, acoustics, notation, and instruments, their makers and performance practice. Coverage ranges from classical music to ancient music, opera, church music, popular music, light music, jazz, and world musics from many regions, countries and cities.

Music: GALILEO Databases

Full site Title names Author names Essays Groups. One who wishes to trace the history of this remarkable work will find that the great philosopher laid its foundations during the eighteen best years of his life—those which he spent at Padua. As we learn from his last scholar, Vincenzio Viviani, the numerous results at which Galileo had arrived while in this city, awakened intense admiration in the friends who had witnessed various experiments by means of which he was accustomed to investigate interesting questions in physics.

The TV program Galileo X will be broadcast on Sunday, June 28, on the Date & Time, June 28, (Sunday), (programs for 30 minutes) This site uses cookies to improve your online experience.

For districts planning to test online — please refer to our Guidelines for Optimizing an Online Testing Environment. GradeCam printing and scanning functionality can be used on Mac and PC computers. The GradeCam plugin must also be downloaded on each computer. Mobile devices are currently not supported. Extensive external security is in place to ensure the protection of all client data.

Student information including test information is protected by encryption during transmission and stored in a database system that is not directly accessible from the Internet. All client traffic to and from the database system must pass through multiple firewalls. Both Galileo K Online and Galileo Pre-K Online are comprised of a variety of built-in, integrated security measures that are designed to ensure data confidentially, integrity, and viability of online data.

Galileo users, for example, are authenticated with the standard username and password construct.


While its aim was to study Jupiter and its mysterious moons, which it did with much success, NASA’s Galileo mission also became notable for discoveries during its journey to the gas giant. It was the first spacecraft to visit an asteroid — two in fact, Gaspra and Ida. Galileo provided the only direct observations of a comet colliding with a planet. And its flight past Venus in yielded fascinating infrared images of the planet’s clouds.

Prices quoted above are online prices only. Should you You will then have the option of choosing another movie on another date or getting a refund. Please.

The Galileo Computerised Reservation System is the most widely used computerised reservations system in travel agents around the country. The Galileo reservation system enables travel agents to check availability and details of every scheduled flight in the world, encode and decode every airport, city, airline and equipment type in the world, sell seats, issue tickets and print out itineraries. The Galileo training course gets you a ‘must-have’ certification if you are looking for a career in the travel agent world!

The delivery of this programme is by interactive webinar sessions and online learning allowing you the flexibility to study from a location convenient to you. Webinars are recorded allowing you the opportunity to catch up should you miss a session. As an academic Institution we recognise, in Portobello Institute, every student has different needs. This interactive webinar, together with the one to one support available, gives a learning journey unique to your learning style and needs.

This course has been specifically re-designed for delivery by online learning with live interactive webinar sessions. It is very suited to you if you have a busy work and home life and want to fit study around this. You will need basic computer skills such as searching the internet and typing a word document.

Course in Tourism – Ticket Reservations and Booking (Galileo)

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Prices quoted above are online prices only. Should you purchase your ticket on location only if not sold out , prices are as follows: R for entry, R10 for a blanket and R20 for a backrest. No VIP or Snuggle tickets are available on location. To purchase a gift voucher valid for the current season, please follow these steps:. Please note that we only handle gift vouchers on weekdays excluding public holidays from 9am — 5pm.

We promise not to bug you either — we only send out two emails per month while The Galileo is open and we will never share your details with a third party. Toggle navigation. Buy tickets. Give the gift of cinemagic. Come early to reserve the best spot on the lawn in front of the screen and to enjoy some of the delicious food and drinks on sale at our local artisanal food market. Movie starts between 7.